Friday, August 2, 2013

summer fun

Summer is flying by but we have been enjoying the fun times.  We went to Seven Peaks in Provo on the 24th to celebrate and had so much fun.  Julian's favorite thing by far was floating on the tube in the wave pool.  Gretchy loved the wave pool too.  She absolutely loved splashing her hands and feet in the water like it was the coolest thing ever. She was so cute and we loved being out of the house just having fun with them.  Then we came home and had a bbq, watched Wreck it Ralph for the first time, then went out front to eat banana splits while watching all the fireworks around our house.  And Julian got to play with sparklers.  It was a perfect day and we had so much fun with the kids (except when Julian got sunblock in his eyes).  
This last Monday we went to Aaron's Grandma's funeral.  She was such a cute and kind lady and she was always so patient with our kids.  I only knew her for a few years but I miss her already and I am so grateful for her example.  We are so happy that she is back together with Grandpa though.  I loved hearing the stories from her life from her children and some close friends.  They are so inspiring!  I also loved seeing family and seeing Julian and Gretch with their cutie cousins.  Like seriously so cute! Here's Lilly and Gretch.

I LOVE this pic of Kastle and Julian!
So I always feel like I am failing as a parent.  I think it may be inherent with the job but seriously, if I am really being honest here, it is all about survival in this house (with some attempts to be a better mom sprinkled in).  So everyday I'm like how much did Julian melt his brain today from the ipad and potty time? (He often watches the ipad while going potty, for a long time.) And of course that all accumulates and I am sure he will never be able to function as a normal human being.  But last Sunday I subbed in nursery and I was pleasantly surprised to look down and see that he crafted an owl with cool eyes and everything. Then he made a snake, then he made a choo choo train, where he made each individual car and then stuck them all together (with the big engine car in front), and then ran all over playing with his choo choo train.  I was so excited to see his little imagination and creativity still functioning and also reintroduced play dough play at home.  Which I had stopped earlier because it meant two hundred little play dough balls thrown all over the kitchen.  Needless to say it reminded me of parenting rule #701 "children are awesome in spite of you."  What a relief!
Also I had to note that Gretch sat herself up yesterday for her very first time.  I was walking out of the room and wanted her to lay down instead of sitting up so she wouldn't fall but I looked back and she was sitting up.  I'm thinking, "Uh oh, I guess I didn't lay her down right."  So I did it again and this time I saw her go from an up on all fours crawling position to sitting.  It was thrilling to see her sitting there.  She is getting so big.  She is also army crawling, but she keeps getting up on all fours going back and forth and then she lunges forward with a flop.  It is scary because I think when she gets up on all fours she's gonna be fast!  I love these guys... Happy Summer!

 My little firecracker and her squish face smile;)

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