Sunday, July 21, 2013

Happy Fifth Anniversary at the Snowpine Lodge

This weekend we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary.  We decided to go away for a romantic weekend and went up Little Cottonwood Canyon to Snowpine Lodge at the Alta ski resort.  So seriously it was like a dream and I highly recommend the Snowpine Lodge to anyone looking for a quick get away.  When we got there we couldn't tell if we were at the right place because this is all we could see from the road,
 It looked like a little shack but then we went inside and walked down a bunch of stairs into the cutest ski lodge ever! It was like a hidden gem on the side of the mountain.  This is how it looks from the other side, sorta
And then from the inside:

We were met at the front desk by incredibly nice people and then went to our room where our cute and cozy room waited for us, as well as a packnplay all made up for Gretchy and this is what we saw out of our window,

So we went for a walk in the beautiful wild flowers below the lodge and then came back and got ready for dinner.  Dinner was simply incredible yummy melt in my mouth steak goodness.  Followed by strawberry shortcake desert.  Here is a pic of Aaron feeding some whipped cream to Gretch:

And this is a pic of our amazing view from our table:

After dinner we just relaxed in our room till we got Gretch to bed and then we went to the hot tub.  Which was just basically us, the hot tub, the mountains, and the moon.  It was so beautiful. After that we just relaxed and enjoyed the rest of our stay which also included breakfast from here,
Here is Gretch and I relaxing in our room,
So seriously best anniversary ever! Plus we got to pig out on all the chocolate and treats we had gotten for each other.  Ah I guess the best part of the dream was spending time with Aaron.  He is definitely my dream come true:)  When it gets really hot I am going to look back and drool over these pictures.  

So we came back that afternoon to Julian who we missed so much.  Btw he made this awesome little play-dough man in nursery today:
Aaron was fortunate enough to be there because little bowser Julian has needed some special attention in nursery:) But I am so glad that he was there. He said Julian was showing him the ears and everything that he made on his little man.  I wish he was only crazy at nursery but he really keeps me on my toes at home too.  Like the time I came out and he was cutting up a peach with two knives that had been hidden away that he found, and the time I had to call the poison control center after he downed half a bottle of cleaner (non-toxic) while I was looking up the effects of him drinking vinegar.  I know that I try to show the bright side of our lives but sometimes it gets hairy around here.  But he continues to be helpful with watering the plants and playing with his sister and being a pretty sweet kid.  Gretchy is getting ever more yelly (for fun) and she is determined to start official crawling like this week.  She gets around all the time anyway but she keeps getting up all the way on her hands and knees and rocking around.  This little girl was born ready to go!


  1. Happy Anniversary!! Utah is sooo pretty. Those who think it's just an ugly desert are very wrong.

  2. Thanks!! I know seriously. Sometimes I forget these gorgeous mountains are only 25 minutes away:)