Sunday, June 30, 2013

Heat Wave!!

We  have had record high temperatures all over the west.  Some of the plants are getting scorched and we have been doing our best to keep ourselves cool (especially since our cooler is broken).  I am so grateful for our basement! We also went camping last weekend which was by far the most fun way to get out of the heat.  We went with our old ward up big cottonwood canyon.  It seriously could not have been more fun and it was so great to spend time with our old ward family.  Julian and Gretchen had tons of fun and actually both slept through the night! After Julian fell asleep at 12am that is;) But it was perfect camping and then the next day we hiked up to doughnut falls.  Julian loved the water and also his doughnut part of the hike.  Here's Julian showing his conquest,
Gretchy was being cute as a button and just snuggled away the whole weekend.  She can get so busy and has been like a little jumping bean lately but she gets so calm when Julian gets so crazy... Funny how that works out.  
I am pretty sure I will never get over her cutey expressions.  She does so many and has this little face squish smile.
I always joke that I am her surrogate mother because she totally looks like Aaron but here is the proof of  my maternity stronger than any DNA test! Exact same expressions:)

 I love these two little cuties.  After going to the mountains we hung out up at the farm and then visited Great Grandma.  Julian was so crazy but Great Grandma is so patient with them and so kind.  I am just so glad that they get to spend time with her.

Julian and Gretchen are just getting so big so fast.  I no longer have two babies but just one and a kid... 
Here is Julian reading to Gretchy,

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